About Impart Learning Centre Pte Ltd


Impart Learning Centre Pte Ltd is a highly specialised teacher training centre. Established in 2004, we conduct training courses to all who aspire to become English teachers. We offer a high level of personal service and dedication.



What is so special about Impart Learning Centre Pte Ltd?


We are committed to meeting the changing needs of teachers in a demanding profession. We assess, interview, evaluate and profile all our trainees before placing each applicant in the programme.


We teach skills such as the understanding of learning styles and the broader cultural concerns of the place of English in learners' lives. Trainees can use the skills learnt immediately in real-life teaching situations.

Many of our students have been given job assignments to teach English in schools like the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Singapore, NTUCLearning Hub, BMC, MDIS, ACE Language School, Training Vision, Kaplan, SSA and more. Some have gone overseas to work in countries such as Thailand, China, Korea and India. Others have been given tuition assignments. Educational centres are sending their teachers to us for special training.

We also offer our students an opportunity to teach real foreign students (in our teaching practice sessions) as they pursue their studies. This will give them the necessary practical experience needed which will help them tremendously when they land that very first teaching assignment.


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