English proficiency test and interview


To apply for the courses you will need to complete a written English proficiency test and have an interview in person or on the phone with our moderators. The procedure fulfils three purposes:

  • It is designed to assess your ability in using written and spoken English effectively, to demonstrate an awareness of language, as well as to assess your overall aptitude and motivation to complete the course. You will only be admitted into the course if we feel you are equipped and ready to deal with the challenges it provides.
  • This is to ensure a passing rate of around 90% for all our students. We will be able to assist our graduates with placements in education institutions looking to hire highly qualified English language teachers in Singapore and overseas.
  • Finally, the test and the interview help us understand and profile your background so that our trainers will be able to assist you in enhancing your teaching skills throughout the course.

The following documents are required to apply for the course:

  • Course application form
  • Certificates supporting academic qualifications
  • A curriculum vitae of your teaching or working experiences
  • Any other documents that will help us to assess your eligibility for the course
  • Two copies of a recent photograph

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